Friday, July 3, 2009

Issaqueena Falls, SC

From Walhalla go west on SC 28 for 6.9 miles.  Then turn right onto Stumphouse Tunnel Rd.  Drive down to the picnic and parking area on the right.  The falls are about 100 feet tall with a hike of 0.2 miles.

I almost left this one off the site just because my pictures were so bad.  I had many factors against me that day; sun shining brightly, summertime, trees blocking the view, crowds of people, and even a period of a severe drought. The pictures from the base were even worse and full of people that were hanging around.

This is a very nice waterfall if you see it at the right time.  The water flow was just so low when I visited it was hard to get very excited.  From the parking area it is a short walk to see the falls.  Then a short trail leads down to the base.  One thing I found out later, unfortunately, is at the top a trail leads under the upper section of the falls.  It would have been pretty cool to check that out.

Yellow Branch Falls is really close to here.  So visiting both would make a great day trip.  Just expect a crowd here if you go during the summer.

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