Monday, January 31, 2011

Quakertown Falls, PA

Head down US 224 in OH towards the PA border.  Once you cross the border it is less than a mile to a pullout on the left side.  It is after Quaker Heights Rd. and before Carbon Limestone Rd.  Just look for the creek and the abandon railroad bridge that runs above it.  I would guess the height is around 40 feet.

While staying with relatives in Struthers, OH we took a 20 minute drive just across the PA border to see Quakertown Falls.  It was my first waterfall in Pennsylvania and with it being so close, I really wish I had known about it before now. 

After parking it was just a bank scramble down to the base.  There may have been a trail to the bottom but with the many inches of snow covering the ground I had no idea.  So I just decided to make my way down the hill.  The falls and the creek were all frozen and it was an awesome sight.  This was my first time ever seeing a frozen waterfall and it left me wanting more.  It was like a whole new waterfall than the one I had seen in the pictures.  The huge icicles hanging down from the rocks were amazing.

Climbing back up the hill was not as fun.  I had no gloves and it was steep enough that I had to use my hands to help get back up.  I cant remember another day where my hands have been that cold, but it was very much worth it.

Posing for a pic near the base

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