Monday, June 17, 2013

Brasstown Falls, SC

From Westminster head west on US 76 and at 12 miles turn left on Brasstown Rd.  Drive 4 miles before turning right onto FS 751 just before the small bridge.  Drive another 1/2 mile to the parking area at the trail head.  The trail is 0.3 miles to the three sections of the falls and a short distance upstream to Little Brasstown Falls.

Brasstown Falls is a very short but steep hike downstream to 3 different sections of the falls.  You have the cascades, the veil, and finally the sluice.  Also just minutes upstream from the cascades is the very nice Little Brasstown Falls.

Up first, the cascades is an easy 0.1 mile flat hike.  However, continuing on, the trail narrows and steepens as it hugs the creek.  After hiking another 0.1 mile you reach the veil.  Lastly, you will climb down the steep trail another 0.1 mile to reach the sluice.  You will actually notice a few trails leading down the creek, but just pick and choose your way downstream.  You wont get lost here.

Though steep and narrow, being so short the trail is pretty simple.  Just be careful if the trail is wet because it was definitely pretty slick when I hiked it.  There are a few areas you will want to watch your step around as a fall would probably prove fatal.  But if you are smart and take your time down the trail you wont have any problems.  I wouldn't bring any young children here though.
The Cascades:

The cascades is around 50 feet high and good sized.  It is nice but definitely the least impressive of the three. It was pretty uninteresting as were all of my photos but the best is yet to come.  The next two sections really make the hike.

The Veil:

The veil was very beautiful but the most challenging to photograph.  To even stand a chance against the spray I had to set up well into the trees away from the falls.  I visited on a very rainy and windy day which was very evident by the water spots on all my pictures.  Unfortunately, none of my photos showed how beautiful this 20 foot drop really is.

This was taken while standing on the narrow trail and looking down.  This was one of the places you definitely did not want to slip and fall. 

The Sluice:

The sluice was my favorite section.  It is a beautiful area that sorta feels boxed in by the rock walls, trees beside you and the flowing creek behind you.  I loved how you could see the veil above and the powerful flowing sluice just in front of you.

Little Brasstown Falls:

To reach Little Brasstown Falls look for a campsite on your left just a little ways down the trail as you begin your hike. You can see a path going to the left.  Cross the stream and head through the woods and you will quickly reach the falls.  There was a very large log stretching across the creek allowing you reach the falls without wading.

Little Brasstown Falls is a nice 20-30 feet waterfall that would be worth a visit by itself.  Just near the base is a memorial marker for Timmy 1976-99.  Curious as to what happened to Timmy I tried a Google search but with no luck. Even though 1999 feels like just yesterday I guess that really was a long time ago.  Someone also left him a Rolling Rock.  Not sure if that was suppose to be a nice gesture or if they just wanted to get rid of an awful beer.

Every time I visited South Carolina I always thought about visiting Brasstown Falls.  But being such a short hike, I kept passing on it.  Finally, since it was right on our way to another trail we decided to make a quick stop.  I was very happy we did.  The veil and the sluice are awesome sights and the surrounding area and creek are beautiful.

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