Saturday, April 11, 2009

Twin Falls, SC

From Pickens, SC drive 12 miles north on US 178 and go left onto Cleo Chapman Hwy at Bob's Place Tavern.  Drive 2 miles to a T intersection and the turn right onto Eastatoe Community Road.  Drive 1 mile then turn onto Waterfalls Rd.  Continue on this road until it ends at the parking area.  The waterfall is 75 ft high and the hike is 0.25 miles. 

If you are looking for waterfalls to see in South Carolina this one should be near the top of your list.  It is about a 15 minute simple hike to this wonderful sight.  I really loved these falls.  You can explore all around the two falls by walking out on the surrounding rock area.  Here you can get many different views and angles for some great pics.

Later, from researching the falls I learned there is another trail near the parking area that will take you to the top of the left side.  I'm not exactly sure where it is but hopefully I can get back here and try to check it out. Seems like it would be a cool sight.  But the sight alone from the base is one of the most beautiful you will see.

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