Saturday, September 12, 2009

Elk Falls, NC

On US 19 East in Elk Park turn right onto Little Elk Rd.  Go to the end and turn left onto Old Mill Rd.  Take the next right on Elk River Rd.  Drive 4 miles where the road ends at the parking area.  Elk Falls is about 60 feet high and less than 1/2 mile round trip hike.

 We ventured over to Elk Park on a weekend trip to Banner Elk.  Once we parked the car it was a short walk to the top of the falls.  The view downstream was amazing.  The river is wide with large rocks that offer great views of the front of the falls.  It is a very picturesque setting that is sure to be popular during the warmer months.

As I stood on the very edge staring 60 ft. down at the massive plunge I wondered how anyone could take this leap.  Many years ago I could probably do it.  It would take some time standing there mustering up the courage first, but I had done a similar jump before.  Nowadays, you would have to pay me a lot of money to even think about it.  I feel uneasy just watching the youtube videos of the crazy people jumping off here.  So, I definitely advise against it as I know that people have died here.

After you see the top walk back towards the road and head downstream a little ways to a huge flat rock out on the river.  Here you have a great view of the falls.  If the weather is nice you will probably see many people sitting and swimming around here.  We were lucky to have the rock to ourselves that day.

At the top
This is a beautiful area that is easily accessible.  The volume of the waterfall is very impressive and hard to match.  If you are anywhere near Elk Park you should check it out.  I plan on going back and getting some better pictures someday.

View down the river

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