Monday, March 15, 2010

Roaring Fork Falls, NC

At the intersection of the Blue Ridge Parkway and NC 80 drive north on NC 80 for 2.2 miles.  Then turn left on South Toe River Rd.  When you cross the bridge take the first left turn.  Drive to the end of the road at the Busick Work Center.  The falls total about 100 feet and the hike is 1/2 mile.

This waterfall is a prime example of the picture not doing it justice.  The waterfall drops and cascades an impressive 100 feet as it winds down the rocks.  I was amazed and very happy at how much bigger and powerful it looked in person.

The hike to Roaring Fork Falls is as simple as they come.  After parking on the left at the end of the road follow the trail up the gated road on the right.  When you come to the creek crossing take the foot bridge to the path on your right. 

Since the hike was easy we decided to load up the whole family, all thirteen of us, and make the trip over.  The little kids hiked it with no problem and I think most of them enjoyed it. After, we took a quick drive over to see Set Creek Rock Falls and then headed home. 

I really wanted to make it up to Douglas Falls too, but the kids and family members less obsessed with waterfalls didn't seem very receptive to the idea.  Maybe some other time.

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