Monday, March 28, 2011

Yellow Branch Falls, SC

Yellow Branch Falls.  Take 28 North coming from Walhalla, SC for about 6 miles.  There is a sign for Yellow Branch Picnic Area which is on your left. You can't miss it. The hike is about 3 miles round trip.

My last day in South Carolina was full of storms and an absolute monsoon.  I knew the next morning the waterfalls would  be jumping.  I immediately thought of how great Yellow Branch would look and the morning I was set to head home I decided I couldn't pass it up.

My wife wasn't very happy with my decision knowing my track record for "making a quick trip to see a waterfall."   And the fact that I was venturing out into the woods early in the morning by myself this time.  She knew something would go wrong like usual and I would be back around night time.  But I didn't care, I had to go (and surely she couldn't stay mad forever).

Well, when I saw the falls through the trees in the distance it was all worth it.  I had been here once before but the water flow was way down and although it was still an awesome site, today blew it out of the water. 

It is a very easy 3 mile round trip hike on a maintained trail.  Although, the woods seemed a little scary early in the morning when one is alone and the trail was all mud.  But I ignored the strange noises and pressed on through the mud and water. 

I have been to many waterfalls in SC and from those I've seen this is my favorite.  Nowhere near my favorite hike (maybe Lee Falls) but the waterfall is absolutely stunning.  Definitely one to check out if you are anywhere near the area.

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