Monday, August 1, 2011

Dry Falls, NC

From Highlands take US 64 West for about 3.5 miles.  There will be a sign for the parking area on the left that you cant miss.  Dry Falls is around 65 feet tall..

The beauty, size, and short walk make this waterfall a must see.  Knowing how popular this spot is, I woke up very early planning to avoid any crowds.  I was hoping to avoid any frustrations of having to take pictures of strangers all day standing beside the waterfall.

This however, would not be the case.  This was an entire family trip.  Anytime that happens we are not leaving early, especially with five kids around.  Hoping to get there around 9 at the absolute latest we arrived sometime after noon.  So there I stood with tripod and camera set up waiting; waiting and watching for a break in the continuous stream of people walking behind the falls.  It didn't happen very often but I was able to get some shots.  But as usual it turned into everyone waiting on me. So I eventually packed up and left not completely satisfied with my pics .

Back to the waterfall though.  It is large and powerful and just an amazing sight.  The trail is easy and takes you behind the waterfall, which is always cool.  The large rock backdrop and trees provide and interesting setting.  I would have loved to see these falls before the trail and wooden fence were built.

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