Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Soco Falls, NC

Head southwest on US-19 S towards Cherokee, NC.  Coming from Maggie Valley pass under the Blue Ridge Parkway and drive 1.5 miles to the pullout for Soco Falls on the left.  On the way you will see a sign for the falls listing it 0.5 miles away.  However, it is really 0.3 miles from the sign.  There wasn't a sign at the pullout but you will see the big guardrail that has a break in it where the trail begins.  The trail takes around 5 minutes and the main drop of the falls is about 30 feet high.

This is a waterfall I had driven by many a times without ever stopping.  Being right off the road I don't know why I waited so long. Finally when I did decide to stop, I'm not sure if I could have picked a worse time.  It was so crowded that I made my wife drop me off as there was no where left to park.  Then when I made my way down to the falls I waited and waited and waited just to get a shot without people climbing all over it.

A short trail starts at the guardrail and takes you to a viewing deck.  You can continue down to the base but you have to scramble down a steep bank which has a roped tied to assist the climb.

It is a really cool looking waterfall though, but it was too bad I caught it with the sunlight all over it.  Since most of my time was spent trying to wait out the crowds that kept coming, I ended up taking more shots of a deer carcass washed up by the falls.

Deer Carcass

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