Thursday, August 4, 2011

Turtleback Falls, NC

Park and Hike the Rainbow Falls trail in Gorges State park, highway 281 entrance..  The falls just a little ways passed Rainbow Falls on the same trail.  Turtleback Falls is about 20 feet tall.

Turtleback falls is a very popular place so if you go in the summer expect a crowd.  You can quickly see why it is so appealing as an continuous line of people climb to the top and slide down the falls.  I am not too big on crowds and then considering the bus load of kids that happened to show up helped me decide to pass on the fun.  Looking back though, I kind of wish I had gone down once just to say I did it.  But my brothers went down many times and they really enjoyed it.

Here are the two videos I shot and a couple pics of my brothers sliding down the falls:

After hanging around a little while and watching them I decided to head to Drift Falls and catch up with them later.  Stay on the trail in front of Turtleback Falls and follow it up the right side of the falls.  The trail continues upstream and soon ends at Drift Falls.

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