Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jones Falls, TN

On US 19 East in Elk Park turn right onto Little Elk Rd.  Go to the end and turn left onto Old Mill Rd.  Take the next right on Elk River Rd.  Drive 4 miles where the road ends at the parking area for Elk Falls.  The trail begins on the old forest road behind the gate.  Jones Falls is 100 feet tall.

This was an easy 3.6 mile round trip hike.  A good portion of the hike runs through the woods on the old forest road with not much scenery.  However, once you reach the river you see how beautiful this area really is.  At the river hike left through the grassy meadow and pick up the faint trail hugging the river.  Follow the trail back into the woods and when you hit the Appalachian Trail (marked on the trees with white paint) turn left.  Hike a ways on the AT and you will come to a sign for Jones Falls.

This great waterfall drops 100 feet flowing down the rocks in many different directions.  The view from the base is the best but there is a short trial that climbs up to the upper section.  Up here you can almost walk right under the first drop.  I took some pictures up here but the sun was out and shinning brightly and I was unhappy with how they turned out. 

This was a very secluded hike as I had the gorgeous river views all to myself.  It wasn't until I got to Jones Falls did I see someone else.  Here I met a guy from Louisiana, hiking through the Appalachian Trail and unfamiliar with this area.  So I led him on a side trip to Elk Falls as we hiked back together.

This was just another of the awesome waterfalls in the state of Tennessee.  To see it at it's best visit after a period of heavy rain.  This is a great day hike especially since you get to combine it with a trip to Elk Falls.

Beside the upper section drop

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  1. as a really...same last name but no relation to the people who built it...we live near Boone NC and was thrilled to find such a spot so near to town.